Four new European unicorns in 2019. Meet all 160

Four new European unicorns emerged so far in 2019, including: VeeamLuxoft (both Switzerland), Collibra (Belgium), and eMAG (Romania). Europe (excluding Israel) now counts 160 unicorns, of which 110 realised and 50 unrealised.

Realised unicorn =

companies founded after 1990 that have had an IPO or trade sale above $1 billion

Unrealised unicorn =

companies that have been valued at or over $1 billion in their last private venture funding round (meaning the valuation has not been confirmed in a secondary transaction)

To check the full list of unicorns on the platform, this query comes very close (it’s a tricky definition!).

The below chart shows the cumulative number of unicorns in the year they crossed the $1 billion valuation mark. The UK is still firmly in the lead. Meanwhile, the “Rest of Europe” is a nice demonstration of tech spreading across the European continent.

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