Fintech Q1 2022 report: Fintech is still going strong

Fintech Q1 2022 update by Dealroom and ABN AMRO Ventures

Fintech funding is holding on better than the broader venture capital ecosystem, especially compared to last year’s numbers. We dig it all out in our Fintech Q1 2022 Report.

Report - Fintech Q1 2022 report

Fintech startups raised $32.4B globally in Q1 2022, down 10% from the all-time high in Q3 last year, but still up 27% year on year. Fintech funding is also up 27% year-on-year, compared to just 4% for overall VC funding. While Early-stage funding is even stronger, reaching an all-time-high $6.1B in Q1.
Europe fintech funding is thriving, Q1 was the best quarter ever, up 9% from Q2 2021. While US funding slowed by 13% from its all-time-high.
All emerging hubs has seen strong funding in Q1. Africa and India had their 2nd best quarter ever and Latam has grown massively year-over-year.

Fintech has grown much more than the other sectors since last year

There are now 473 fintech unicorns globally. 40 were added in Q1 2022, 8 less than the quarterly average last year, but still at a very high pace.

Exits value has fallen from last year, from more than $100B by quarter to $27B, especially due to public listings, but smaller mergers and acquisitions are at an all-time high with more than 230 exits in Q1.

Crypto is now the most invested sector in fintech. Crypto startups raised $7.0B in Q1 2022, more than any other fintech segment. Crypto and Defi funding is also growing faster than any other segment, increasing 2.4x compared to Q1 2021.Crypto is now the most invested and fastest growing segment in fintech

Fintech valuations have slightly pulled back in late-stage, while early-stage keeps going up. Crypto valuations are soaring at all stages.

Challenger banks still attracted the most funding across fintech in Q1, followed
by crypto exchanges, DeFi, BaaS & embedded finance. While parametric insurance, green finance, on-demand pay, DeFi and BaaS & embedded finance were the fastest-growing segments.
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Report - Fintech Q1 2022 report

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