Fintech leveraging satellite data

Fintech companies and startups are increasingly integrating Space Tech into their operations. In particular, the potential of low-cost, high-coverage, repeatable and global Earth Observation data and of the capabilities of Satellite Communications are becoming new areas of exploration for next-gen finance and insurance companies.

Satellite data at a scale, frequency, quality and cost not seen before offer opportunities for those willing to leverage it. Common use for satellite data in finance and insurance include applications in investment evaluation, risk assessment, event impact assessment, real-time asset/portfolio monitoring, carbon offsets auditing, and more.

A few examples of Earth Observation data usage for finance include:

  • Descartes Underwriting is a parametric insurtech startup using satellite data and AI for climate risk modeling and data-driven risk transfer.
  • Sust global uses satellite and geospatial data to help banks, asset managers and insurers carry out portfolio risk analysis and stress test compliance for risk reporting.
  • Sylvera uses various modalities of satellite data (optical, radar and LiDAR) and their proprietary multi-scale LiDAR data, to verify carbon credits quality at scale.

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