Find, manage, and close more deals with Dealroom & Affinity

Today we’re excited to announce a major data partnership with the leading relationship intelligence platform for dealmakers: Affinity.

Affinity customers will gain access to Dealroom data to drive deals and investment strategies by making it simple to target the right organizations across the globe.

About Affinity

Affinity is a relationship intelligence platform that empowers dealmakers in relationship-driven industries to find, manage and close more deals. With the most automated relationship intelligence insights and technology, Affinity enables leaders to drive deals, free themselves from data drudgery and ensure their teams can take action with confidence, knowing the context and history of every relationship. The Affinity platform, including Affinity CRM, is used by over 2,000 relationship-driven organizations around the world.

Combining predictive intelligence with relationship intelligence 

Together, we provide clients with the most powerful combination of predictive intelligence and relationship intelligence for startups and scaleups around the world. 

“As the intelligence layer for tech ecosystems, we help clients discover the world’s most promising companies through predictive intelligence,” said Yoram Wijngaarde, Founder & CEO of “This partnership puts this timely data into the hands of more investors around the world. We’re excited to work with Affinity to provide investors with the data they need to be successful.”

The partnership provides Dealroom’s data and insights on startups and scaleups directly into the Affinity CRM platform, without any technical setup required. 

“Our clients use Affinity to find, manage, and close the most important deals, and using organizational data insights helps them to target the right organizations is a critical part of their success,“ said Ray Zhou, CEO of Affinity. “Adding’s predictive intelligence data to Affinity will ensure they can do that faster and with more confidence than ever before.”

Dealroom provides additional firmographic and funding data to the Affinity platform to streamline organizational intelligence gathering, including:

  • Founder strength scoring
  • Company and funding information
  • Client focus and industries served
  • Business model and income streams
  • Tech stack and more

This native integration will provide 19 new Dealroom branded data points to all Affinity CRM users, in addition to 22 premium data columns that require you to be a Dealroom customer and on the Premium or Enterprise tiers of Affinity.

How Dealroom data fits into Affinity: lists, analytics, and company profiles

Dealroom data is fully integrated within Affinity’s platform and allows you to track insights in different places, including:

  • Organization and opportunity lists 
  • Analytics dashboards
  • Company profiles
  • Affinity API

Let’s look at a few examples of how you can leverage Dealroom data in each of these sections to improve your deal flow management.

Organization & opportunity lists

Dealroom data fields are auto-populated and can be added to all organization and opportunity lists. These data fields can be used in the following ways:

  • If you click “Customize View” there is a section dedicated to Dealroom data fields that can be added or removed to enrich each company in your list view.
  • You can also filter your list with these fields, for example, to narrow down your search to companies with a B2B client focus sorted by total funding amount.

Analytics dashboards

You can also leverage Dealroom data to create Affinity Analytics dashboards, which can be used to:

  • Get high-level overviews and visualizations of the status of all the deals in your pipeline (i.e. sourcing, qualification, etc.).
  • Visualize deals in your pipeline based on location, industry, ownership structure, and other data variables. 

With Dealroom data and Affinity Analytics dashboards, you’ll be able to stay on top of every deal in your pipeline at a glance—all the way from discovery to deal closing.

Company profiles

You can also access Dealroom data within a company’s profile page, which can be used to:

  • Access key company information such as the tech stack, income streams, employee count, and more.
  • Dealroom data is also presented alongside Affinity relationship management fields, such as the deal owners, due diligence status, and so on. 

This combination of data gives you a high-level overview of each company in the context of you and your team’s relationship with the organization.

Dealroom & Affinity: the most powerful combination of predictive intelligence & relationship intelligence

The partnership between Dealroom and Affinity provides the most powerful combination of predictive intelligence and relationship intelligence for venture capital and private equity investors around the world.

By providing Dealroom’s industry-leading global intelligence data on startups and scaleups directly into the Affinity platform, we give our mutual clients everything they need to discover the world’s most promising companies, manage their deal pipeline, and close more deals.