European tech companies raised over €4.1 billion in Q3

VC deployed €4.1 billion into European tech companies in the third quarter, up 5% over Q2 funding of €3.9 billion.

Expect us to adjust the Q3 number upwards if more info reaches us in the coming days (the quarter only ended last Wednesday). Importantly, this figures exclude buyouts and M&A.

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Top 6 cities

London €585 M
Paris €356 M
Berlin €234 M
Amsterdam €202 M
Stockholm €151 M
Barcelona €134 M

Top 6 markets

Online Retail / eCommerce €1,181 M
FinTech €868 M
Travel €554 M
Food €449 M
Analytics €440 M
Medical / Healthcare €326 M

How was this data compiled? At Dealroom we already track over 500,000 individual tech companies using a mix of user-generated content, machine learning and manual analysis. This is a powerful data model: in Q2 Dealroom already recorded more VC deal volume than most traditional VC databases!