The State of European Mobility in 2021

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Mobility in Europe has been marked by several prominent trends in 2021: transition to electric mobility, autonomous driving, micromobility for urban transport, and innovation in logistics. Discover more in our European Mobility report 2021.

Report - State of Mobility in Europe in 2021 report

2021 has been a turning point for European mobility

  • European Mobility startups have raised $14B in 2021, an all-time high and 2.7x compared to 2020.
  • They now have a combined enterprise value of $227 billion, up 8.4x since 2016.
  • There are now 34 mobility unicorns in Europe. 14 of these were created in 2021. 

funding in european mobility startups reaches 14 billion dollarsCorporates are investing heavily in mobility

Mobility is among the sectors where corporates are investing the most. Almost 29% of the total capital invested in mobility since 2015 came from corporate investors.
Mobility companies, such as auto OEMs, and energy companies have strong capital resources and deep sector expertise. Investing is a way to establish partnerships, have an edge on disruption of the industry, and achieve strong financial returns. Most of the investments have been focused on the shift towards sustainable mobility, with EV attracting the most fundings.
Selected mobility corporate investors and their biggest 2021 investments

Europe is leading in micromobility and electric mobility

The change of habits from the pandemic and the increased environmental awareness are driving the growth of micromobility and electric mobility in Europe.
Europe is now leading the way in micromobility with more than $1.4B of investments in 2021, as much as the US and China combined.
EV mobility is also accelerating tremendously, with investment into EV charging infrastructure jumping 11x to $1B and investment into EV battery value chain up 3.8x to $3.3B. Europe is also leading in electric vehicle adoption, especially the Nordics.

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Report - State of Mobility in Europe in 2021 report