Energy marketplaces keeping the lights on

Energy instability is becoming an increasingly pronounced issue in Europe.

While energy marketplaces are just starting to tackle commodities markets (e.g. energy, precious metals, crude oil, etc.), many are gaining value in energy efficiency and clean energy solutions as Winter approaches and utility costs become a bigger concern.

Over 70% of energy marketplaces’ value is in energy efficiency and clean energy solutions, which include companies like GoodLeap, a financier for sustainable home solutions, Octopus Energy, a fast growing green energy provider, Gogoro, offering green mobility platform, and View, whose dynamic windows help buildings be more efficient.

While marketplaces may or may not be a major player to directly help Europe in its energy crisis, we’re seeing marketplaces slowly expand into commoditized markets and products in B2B segments. Alternative energy marketplaces will continue to grow and gain relevance across different value chains, from mobility to green financing and energy distribution platforms.

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