Education Marketplaces

Education Marketplaces

Education marketplaces have had a stable year so far as the combined enterprise value of the segment has increased almost 2%. Where as VC funding has steadily declined since 2020. H1 2022 reported a 27% and 20% decrease in YoY and HoH VC funding.

Education had a small company valuation adjustment in 2022, which may be due to valuation lag as only 8% of education marketplace enterprise value is publicly traded. However, over 40% of enterprise value of these public companies has been lost in 2022 in relation to 2021.

Almost 70% of total education marketplace value comes from education platforms and providers, companies like PluralSight, Masterclass and Udemy, which offer exclusive courses from notable professionals and artists. Of those, 80% of their value is focused on consumer clients instead of businesses, but that might be changing as businesses fight to keep and recruit the best employees.

For instance, last year Udemy’s consumer segment reported $331M in revenue while its business segment $187M, but revenue made from its business clients increased 81% YoY compared to a 1% growth from its consumer brand.

Education Marketplaces

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