Eastern Partners launches startup database to map €62.2B valued ecosystem 

Explore the Eastern Partners ecosystem

Startups in the Eastern Partners countries are now worth more than €62.2B in combined enterprise value and snatched €668M in 2021. To map it all out Eastern partners get their own online startup ecosystem database, powered by Dealroom. The new platform provides data and intelligence on startups, innovation, investors, funding rounds, and many other insights. 

Explore the Easter Partners startup database

The project was driven by EU4Digital, an initiative of the European Union that aims to extend the European Union’s digital single market to the Eastern partner countries. The new mapping of this innovation ecosystem will facilitate data-driven policy and decision making, the sharing of cross-industry knowledge, and will foster the partnerships required to help the next generation of innovators succeed on the global stage. 

More generally, Central and Eastern Europe is producing startups that would be the envy of any ecosystem, and increasingly attracting the world’s attention. In a report we published back in October, in partnership with Google for Startups and Atomico, we explored the overall CEE’s ecosystem development, the current state of play, and future trends.

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The new database aims to facilitate connections and improve transparency  

The core aim of creating this tool is to foster the acceleration of the startup ecosystem in the Eastern Partnership through data-driven decision-making on the policy level. 

In addition, this open-access platform is specifically designed to support scaling tech communities, with reliable intelligence and new insights. The database shines a light on overarching trends and headline figures as well as detailed data on startups, scaleups, and corporates in the region; covering over 2550 startups and scaleups, more than 860 fundraising rounds, and much more. 

Examples of data you can find on the platform:

But this online platform goes further than the data it holds and the insights it provides, it is designed to enable connections and accelerate processes. With features such as the Matching tool, for example, startups can easily identify their next investors based on a chosen set of criteria. 

The project is collaborative

This new database not only offers the most detailed picture of the Eastern partner countries’ tech scene up until now but it’s also a collaborative project. Any startups, investor, or other ecosystem stakeholders can also add their company details themselves and enhance their profile providing open access to data for the community. More accuracy and transparency in the data will not only improve the local ecosystem connectivity but will also help put the region on the map internationally as a promising new hub for tech and innovation. 

Explore the Easter Partners startup database

The startup ecosystem platform for the Eastern partner countries was launched by EU4Digital Initiative, funded by the European Union. Though EU4Digital, the EU promotes ICT research, start-up, and innovation ecosystems in the Eastern Partner countries, taking into account similar efforts in the EU under Horizon 2020 and the Start-up Europe initiative