New on Dealroom: 1.2M+ startups, tech stack data, takeover search page and round standardization

Christmas came early for many of the Dealroom users. The product team has brought amongst other things this month, tech stack into the platform – a request that has been high on the list for users. Take a look at the most recent updates and let us know what else you’d like to see on Dealroom. 

See what’s new.


1.2M+ startups 🎉

We’re excited to announce that we’ve crossed 1.2M startups tracked on Dealroom!

Recent trade register integration has allowed our team to increase coverage in France by 7.9%, in Finland by 26%, the Netherlands by 10%, and in the UK by 13%. Plus big upticks in Australia by 40%, Norway and New Zealand by 56% and 62% respectively, Germany and Italy by 100%.

Coming up next: Poland, Israel, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Ukraine, Baltics, Sweden, Portugal, and the US.


Tech stack data 🔧

See whether a startup is using leading front-end frameworks, or if they’re dockerized. Look beyond programming languages and developer tools too, check out a company’s web hosting, CRM tools, marketing tools and similar. Tech stack data is now available in the startups and scaleups tab by using the filter bar. And will soon also be available on company profiles too.


Takeover search page 🔎

Find what you’re looking for when using the search bar more thoroughly. The new search page allows you to categorise your search results and offers more details for each result. Take Dealroom for example, with the takeover search page you’ll be able to easily distinguish between Dealroom investors and people, see which lists Dealroom is in, which companies exist with that (or similar) name and more. 


Round standardization 🧮

We’ve added standardized rounds labels in the funding rounds chart, aligning with our research methodologies. Now you can easily do your own analysis against standard benchmarks. Adjust your view by clicking on the round labels, e.g. exclude outlier megarounds or focus in on late-stage funding. 

Take a look at The Journey to Series A in Europe report for more on the labelling methodology.

More notable updates:

  • The themes tab has a fresh new look so you can easily find industries, business models, SDGs, sub-industries and innovation topics in a click of a button 
  • A new dropdown filter for locations, date and round type on the funding rounds tab
  • Note sharing: share your personal notes on a company’s profile with your colleagues or contact
  • Find companies that are currently hiring a specific number of jobs