Discover companies with daily notifications

Get notified whenever a new startup matches your search criteria.

Save any search in Dealroom and you’ll get a daily email with the latest company updates, new matches, transactions, and funding opportunities.

Set up notifications

To set up notifications, all you need to do is save a search:

  1. Add keywords/filters in the company search bar (or use the suggested searches below)
  2. Hit “Save and export”
  3. Name your search and hit “Save”. 

Now you’ll get a daily digest email with all the new matches for your saved searches, and you can find all new updates in your notification center at the top of the dashboard.

Example searches

Early stage Series A+ opportunities Scaleups
Pre-seed opportunities Top ranked Series A+ Generative AI scaleups
Rising stars Rising stars with patents Future unicorns
Bootstrapped startups with revenue Fastest growth deep tech Unicorns