Building a New Palo Alto, in Europe

For the best part of 70 years, Palo Alto has been the world’s cradle of innovation in information technology. Original and unmatched, it is the singularity of Silicon Valley.

In the last ten years, Europe has built a host of impressive tech hubs, but it also sits on strong fundamentals – research universities with a millennia of history, a shared value system, engaged policymakers, embedded public transport infrastructure and hungry talent.

Now it’s time to borrow some inspiration from across the pond, to compete at the next level – take the template, evolve it, and make it its own. 

Some of the most iconic US cities take their names from European counterparts, from New York (formerly New Amsterdam), to New Orleans. 

It’s time for Europe to build New Palo Alto.

Report - New Palo Alto

Within a four-hour train ride of London lie some of the world’s best universities, diverse talent pools, and innovative tech businesses. Together they could form a New Palo Alto, the centre of future innovation and entrepreneurship.