B2B vs. B2C investment activity

Among the many filters available in Dealroom is client focus: B2B or B2C. Last week, Pawel Chudzinski ‏from Point Nince Capital asked us on Twitter to show investment activity of B2B vs. B2C. Below is the result for Europe (note: “Other” includes companies with are both B2B and B2C and companies where there is no data available yet).

The data shows:

  • Investment into B2C has grown faster than B2B in the last three years
  • Berlin, Stockholm, Barcelona and Madrid are predominantly strong in by B2C
  • London, Paris, Amsterdam, Tel-Aviv are more equally split
  • Copenhagen stands out as B2B specialist (albeit based on a few large rounds)

Note: the year 2016 has been annualised based on Q1-Q3 2016 multiplies by 4/3.