B2B delivery delivers the goods

As consumers return to in-person activities, and businesses adapt to supply chain bottlenecks, B2B logistics & delivery is holding out better than B2C logistics & delivery.

B2C delivery & logistics companies have had a tough year, while the NASDAQ has fallen 15% since last year, companies like Uber and Deliveroo have lost 45% and 75% compared to their all time highs.

And they’re not alone, last week Meta and DoorDash announced a new partnership, and expand into delivering Facebook Marketplace items, in a bid to generate revenue after DoorDash’s shares have fallen almost 70%. Despite reporting a year-over-year growth of total deliveries of 23% this quarter.

B2C focused delivery & logistics marketplaces have lost 11% of EV since last year and H1 2022 VC funding has fallen 52% compared to record breaking H2 2021. While the B2B segment is holding its ground as EV has grown since last year and VC funding has fallen only 2% (pushed by a Flexport megaround).

Will B2C delivery recover? Or have B2B signed, sealed, and delivered top earnings? Stay on top of the latest B2B delivery & logistics marketplace funding rounds. 👇


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