Artificial intelligence in Europe: over 1,150 companies and €1.4 billion funding in 2016

Artificial intelligence (AI) will soon be part of nearly every company’s technology stack (proprietary or not) and ingrained in every industry. It is therefore becoming increasingly difficult (and senseless) to draw the line between AI and non-AI. But while we still can, it is interesting to reflect on the state of Artificial Intelligence in Europe.

Here’s a data table with 1,150 companies with proprietary AI technology that’s core to their business. Of them over 525 companies are VC funded.

In 2016, 330 AI related companies got funded, an increase of 25%. Total European funding in 2016 exceeded €1.4 billion, an increase of 26%.

Also available in map view:

A big thanks to Ha Duong who’s work we were able to leverage, via 600+ European AI tech startups to watch.

Below interactive grid view shows AI companies by growth stage and industry:

A deep-dive report is coming soon.