A record quarter for global fintech investment – Q3 2021

As Q3 has drawn to a close, we’ve taken a look at one of tech’s most lucrative sectors, and how things have fared so far in 2021. Fintech has consistently been a top three sector for the destination of venture capital in recent years. And things have reached new heights in 2021.

Report - Fintech Quarterly – Q3 2021

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Fintech investment at another all-time high

Fintech companies raised €31B in Q3 2021, and all-time high and 2.8x the Q3 2020 total.

Fintech investment

This astonishing growth has been mainly driven by megarounds, which accounted for more than 60% of all funding.

Fintech VC funding has more than doubled in the US and Europe, Asia and Africa are the fastest-growing markets for fintech investment, up 3.2x and 64x year on year respectively in Q3 and Asia and Oceania are ramping up again too.

Four fintech unicorns a week

There are now 393 fintech unicorns globally, 158 were born just in 2021, which works out to four new unicorns being created every week. This compared to “just” 50 new fintech unicorns created in 2020, a 3.2x increase. And 40% of all fintech unicorns have been created in 2021 alone. This steep acceleration has been driven by a wave of megarounds and rising valuations.

Fintech unicorns

Exit extravaganza

Exits remain strong in Q3 2021 with €124B of value, second highest quarter ever.
Fintech exits in 2021 have totalled almost €342B of value, already 3x from last year.
The increase have been mainly driven by IPOs such as Robinhood and Toast in Q3, but also acquisitions remain strong such as Afterpay.

Report - Fintech Quarterly – Q3 2021