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We are excited to launch a dedicated edtech ecosystem database in partnership with Brighteye Ventures, Europe’s leading edtech venture capital fund. This comprehensive platform catalogues 25,200+ startups, and 13,800 funding rounds, providing global intelligence and trusted insights into edtech startups & scaleups, investors, and beyond across the edtech ecosystem.

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At Dealroom we consider collaboration as one of the core strategies to show the value and strength of a tech ecosystem. Reason-why Brighteye Ventures is an excellent partner for this project. The firm’s sector specialisation, means its entire team is dedicated to mapping, evaluating and building networks in the learning industry, bringing the needed expertise to create the new home of edtech innovation.

“The amount of capital available for edtech startups with the potential to change the world has never been greater, but founders don’t always know where to look. We are delighted to partner with Dealroom on this leading initiative, designed to improve the quality of information available to Edtech founders, startup teams, investors and policymakers. We hope this new database will help to fill this information and access gap.”

Benoit Wirz, Partner, Brighteye Ventures

The rise of edtech 

A $7 trillion industry, education is one of the world’s largest market opportunities yet to be digitized. 2020 proved to be the pivotal point for the edtech sector, when traditional educational institutions were forced to shift to digital learning overnight, disrupting how millions of students and educators delivered and accessed education. 

In 2021 so far the global VC investment into edtech startups reached $18B, up from $5.4B five years ago. Europe ranks now as one of the fastest growing regions when compared to the other three leading Edtech hubs (China, the US, and India), reaching $1.9B so far in 2021, up 2x vs 2020. 

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What is an edtech startup?

Edtech, or Education technologies, are tech-enabled companies with the primary focus to help an individual to learn or operate better, whether by making learning more affordable, more efficient, more effective, more engaging or a combination of these factors.

Enabling easier access to opportunities

Via this open-access platform, edtech enthusiasts can take part in shaping the future of edtech. Entrepreneurs can add or claim their company profile to their database, search the most active investors in the sector. Startup teams can find talent. Investors can keep track of investment trends and emerging niches, and discover promising startups and scaleups. 

A community-driven resource

Data transparency has the power to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation. It does so by inspiring people, enabling better decision-making and broadening funding opportunities. With Brighteye, we’ve created a dedicated platform designed to enable collaboration and broaden opportunities for edtech entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and policy makers.

While edtech has been widely adopted since early 2020 when the impacts of the pandemic on education systems and workplaces were first felt, one of the hurdles undermining its development is the lack of common understanding and mapping of the industry. That’s why this platform also sets a new framework to map the sector via a new taxonomy, created alongside Brighteye.

We’ve classified these startups across three sub-industries:

  • Education management: a management solution supports the operation of key educational stakeholders and decision-makers (teachers, parents, and administrators)
  • Education providers: an education provider solution delivers or facilitates learning
  • Learning tools and resources: assists people’s development and learning process for the whole educational lifecycle

The platform offers an additional layer of navigation through tags, or niche topics of interest, which can be used across sub-industries. You can explore startups with dedicated solutions for different age groups (Pre-K 12, K-12, Higher Education, Corporate learning or lifelong and consumer learning) and specific segments (language learning, tutoring, immersive technologies, among others).

This taxonomy is an on-going project and is meant to be community-led. If you’re a founder, investor or enthusiast keen on collaborating with us, be sure to contact Carla (Edtech specialist at Dealroom) or Rhys (Head of Research at Brighteye Ventures).

Curated content and insights

The platform also includes a dashboard, data visualisations, curated searches & lists and other fast & intuitive tools to navigate the edtech landscape. More than just a data platform is meant to be shared and reflect this rapidly-changing ecosystem. Users can search public available landscapes (and suggest companies to be added!).

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