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The Magnificent Seven – The Venture Capital frontier & the new AI Wild West

  • Started from humble beginnings, they’re now on top of the world. A powerful vision, relentlessly executed, combined with early venture capital investments evolved into massive wealth and economic growth. Today, they invest nearly $400 billion annually into frontier tech (comparable to the GDP of Norway), of which $20–30 billion in VC rounds (comparable to UK’s total VC investment).
  • With a combined value at an all-time high of $14 trillion and a record share of corporate net earnings, they account for 32% of the S&P 500. Even this number understates their true underlying earnings power.
  • Now, as the biggest-ever platform shift in tech unfolds, occurring only every ~20 years, everything is up for grabs again. This time, acquisitions are off the table due to regulatory scrutiny. They dominate era-defining VC deals instead, for now.
  • Mega opportunities are arising in applied AI. The Magnificent 7 are on the hunt for these opportunities, and AI is bringing them closer within reach. At the same time their home markets feel less defensible than before.
  • This report provides an opportunity to see the world through the eyes of the Magnificent 7. Their perspective compels you to think very big.

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