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The landscape of women-founded scaleups and investors in Europe

  • Women-founded funded scaleups have grown in value faster than overall European scaleups since 2017 (6.5x vs 5.5x).
  • While the majority of value (73%) created by women-founded scaleups is concentrated between three countries (the UK, France and Germany), in these countries women-founded scaleups represent just 12% of overall scaleup value.
  • Notably, in other European ecosystems like Finland, Italy and Portugal are slightly more diverse in terms of share of value concentrated as total of the country scaleup value creation.
  • Women-founded scaleups raise smaller rounds, with the gap in median round size most pronounced at Seed stage.
  • However, Seed funded women-founded scaleups convert to series A at a higher success rate than the overall European benchmark.

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