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The Basque Country startup ecosystem

The Basque Country tech ecosystem is worth €1.5B, up 4.5x since 2016.

The Basque Country startup ecosystem has seen steady and consistent growth over the past decade. The ecosystem’s combined value has grown with the scaling of homegrown startups such as Ticketbis and Nautilus and Lookiero.

Basque Country startups raised investment of €109M in 2022.

Basque Country raised all-time high levels of investment in 2022 at €109M, 4.3x the 2016 total. Notable large funding rounds of $34M and €15M for Nautilus and Oncomatryx Biopharma respectively, contributed over 42% of total funding into the Basque Country for 2022.

Private and public actors are joining forces to boost the Basque startup ecosystem.

Public accelerator-led support programs play a key role in the Basque startup ecosystem, and corporates are actively engaging with startups through different open innovation initiatives. 

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