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Startup Demographics

Data about startup ecosystems mostly focuses on the amount of venture capital invested, the number of unicorns, et cetera. Startup Demographics looks at startup birth rates, survival rates, and success rates.

This report aims to broaden the set of useful metrics for measuring and benchmarking activity in startup tech ecosystems. Secondly, it proposes a standardized framework for tracking startup progress.

We welcome feedback to this report. We will work closely with our ecosystem development partners with implementing and perfecting this approach.

Why it matters

  1. Startups create economic growth through innovation, knowledge and jobs 
  2. Startups create wealth for their founders, (early) employees and investors
  3. Startup success (and failure) creates positive spillover effects into more entrepreneurial activity
  4. Startups’ products and services provide consumers with greater choices
  5. Many startups address global challenges (climate, health, education)
  6. Enabling countries to build independent critical tech infrastructure: tech sovereignty

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