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Europe and Israel’s startup founder factories – the founder journey

Talent and innovation emerging from European and Israeli unicorns continues to gather pace as 221 of the region’s 353 VC-backed unicorns have fuelled 1,171 new tech-enabled startups, with former employees becoming founders. More than half (54%) of this new wave of startups were founded in the same city as the unicorn they were spun out of and 59% have already secured private funding.

Created in partnership with Accel, this report explores not only the trends emerging in this new wave of startups, but also the journey from unicorn employee to tech startup founder in Europe and Israel. These founders are in a strong position to build the next generation of tech leaders due to their experiences before and during their time at the unicorn.

Following our initial report on the unicorn startup founder factories, here we take a closer look at the founders’ path to success.

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