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February 2023

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January 2023

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India foodtech

November 2022

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VC activity in October

October 2022

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September 2022

Is B2B overtaking B2C

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Food and Climate tech investors

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August 2022

Top 100 agritech startups

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Top 100 foodtech startups

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July 2002

Foodtech Q2 2022

Navigating potential foodtech recession

Grocery delivery funding

Emerging food tech trends

June 2022

Accelerating foodtech investors

Regenerative agriculture

Restaurant point-of-sale software

Freshest B2B foodtech deals

Food kits, meal deliveries and more

May 2022

Improving food waste prevention

Cloud Kitchens

The decline of Food Delivery

April 2022

Investors fishing for alternative seafood

Q1 in Foodtech

VCs cooking up the most deals

March 2022

B2B foodtech marketplaces

Funding smart fertilizer

Big Food and CVC

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Sowing the seeds of food security

February 2022

Plant-based future?

Vertical farming

Food price hikes

January 2022

Cost breakthrough in lab-grown meat

Dark kitchens and virtual restaurants

Bricks and mortar Deliveroo

Europe leading foodtech funding surge

December 2021

Food waste

Green agriculture

Farm banking

November 2021

The investors winning the unicorns hunt

The future of farms

Taste of the future

Robot pizza

October 2021

Recipes for growth

Grocery ground zero

Foodtech Q3 results – record VC investment