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A rising player in Europe, Italy’s startup ecosystem is now valued $60B. It’s ecosystem remains much younger than other European countries.

Italy is where Spain was 3–4 years ago, or France 8 years ago, but is on a similar growth trajectory or even slightly ahead of the curve.

Explore the 3K+ VC backed companies in Italy on the Dealroom platform.

Venture Capital

By Stage

Below we break venture capital into three distinct stages:

  • Startup stage ($0-15M rounds)
  • Breakout stage ($15-100M rounds)
  • Scaleup stage ($100M+ rounds).

This provides more consistent and timeless segmentation of the startup & venture capital landscape (more so than self-reported round labeling, which are applied inconsistently, especially between business cycles).

Discover 5.5K+ funding rounds in Italian startups on the platform as seen below.

Early stage

Access early-stage funding rounds into Italian startups. here on the platform.

Breakout stage

Access breakout-stage funding rounds into Italian startups here on the platform.

Scaleup stage

Access late-stage funding rounds into Italian startups here on the platform.

By region

Tech hubs are rising across Italy, with Lombardy is emerging as the VC epicenter, accounting for a substantial 65% of the nation’s VC investment.

By business model

VC investment in Italy has shifted to SaaS and Manufacturing of physical products, away from marketplaces.

Explore VC investment into Italian startups by business model here.

By industry

Discover Italian VC backed companies by industry.

Compared to European average, Italy over-indexes in Fintech and Energy startup investment.

Fintech, Health and Energy rank as the leading industries for VC investment in Italy in the last few years.

For a deeper look into industry level investment click here to explore this data.

For more granularity, access VC investment raised by subindustry.

To learn more about impact companies in Italy, access VC investment funding rounds raised by SGDs.


The following table showcases the most active investors in the Italian ecosystem over the past few years.

Discover 2K+ investors based in Italy as well as 2K+ foreign investors investing in Italian companies on the Dealroom platform.

Unicorns and promising companies

Italy is home to some top European successes, such as Yoox, Reply and Statispay.

Discover all Italian unicorns and $1b exits.

Discover the top seed opportunities as well as the top Series A opportunities in Italy based on the Dealroom signal, surfacing the most promising upcoming funding opportunities in Italy.

To learn more about the Dealroom signal and its latest features, consult our knowledge base.

European benchmarking

Below you can benchmark Italy's VC investment against its European country counterparts.

Italy is growing faster than European average since 2017 onwards.

Italy consistently ranks between the top 10 to 15 European countries by VC investment.

Cities like Milan also rank within the top 15 ecosystem in Europe for VC investment.

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