The State of Global VC

Global venture capital has grown 4x over the last decade.

Venture capital investment activity is slowing down after the 2020/2021 hype years but still enjoys a continuous structural tailwind.

In 2022, close to $540B was invested in tech companies globally. Access the top rounds in 2023 thus far.

The dynamics on a global scale show that while the Americas lead by total VC investment, the EMEA region is showing continuous growth in the last 5 years.

By geography

Looking at the top global countries by VC investment on an annual and quarterly basis, the USA, China, and the UK historically attract the most VC investment, but smaller economies like Singapore, South Korea, and Switzerland are able to attract significant VC investments too.

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By Stage

In 2022, close to $540B was invested in tech companies globally.

Below we break venture capital into three distinct stages. Startup stage ($0-15M rounds), breakout stage ($15-100M rounds), and scaleup ($100M+ rounds).

This provides more consistent and timeless segmentation of the startup & venture capital landscape (more so than self-reported round labeling, which are applied inconsistently, especially between business cycles).

Access the top rounds in 2023 thus far.

Early stage

Access early-stage funding rounds into global startups here on the platform.

Breakout stage

Access breakout-stage funding rounds into global startups here on the platform.

Late stage
Amount raised as well a number of mega rounds are on a downward trend, yet some of the biggest ever megarounds have happened after 2021.

Open AI raised $10B in January 2023, followed by Stripe raising $6.5B in March of the same year.

By stage and destination

Later stage rounds are more skewed towards the United States and Asia, while Europe matches up to the US at an early stage.

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By industry

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SaaS has steadily become the most prominent investment category in venture capital, with close to half of global VC investment going to saas companies. 90% of all SaaS investment goes to B2B companies.

For more information on SaaS startups, consult our dedicated guide.

Fintech and Health consistently top the VC investment per industry charts in the last five years.

However Energy is the sector that registered the littlest slow down after the 2021 boom.

Early-stage investing by segment

Early stage investment in SaaS companies has surged in the last decade.

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Over 400 cities worldwide that have founded or are home to a unicorn company.
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After a boom at the end of 2020, unicorn creation has been rapidly slowing down.

Consult our unicorn guide to learn more about unicorns and other companies valued above the $1B threshold.

Active investors

There are more than 40K investors actively investing into startups globally in 2022.

The rate of new funds raised by investors has slowed, though record levels of dry powder raised in the last two years are largely still at VCs’ disposal.

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