Ecosystem Solutions


Dealroom enables local startup and tech ecosystems together with forward-thinking governments and startup hubs.

Ecosystem solutions are crowd-sourced maps focused on specific cities, regions or countries. The maps present a filtered view of the Dealroom database that is white labeled and can be styled to match any brand. Local startups and investors can add themselves to the ecosystem while policy makers can get valuable insights into their local startup and tech climate.


Dealroom proudly powers startup ecosystems around the globe.

With the Startup Delta Finder (powered by Dealroom.co) we are making the power of the Dutch startup ecosystem visible, measurable, and actionable, next to raising the bar in data-driven policy making.

Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau


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Run your own white labeled map or co-sponsor an existing one.

White label

You can embed the white labeled Dealroom map on your own domain (for example: finder.startupdelta.org). Dealroom installs and continuously updates the ecosystem map for you, so you don't need technical resources. The map can be styled to match your branding and it provides analytics on use by the community.

  • Enable your local startup ecosystem with always up-to-date listings of startups, investors, funding rounds, universities, workspaces and more.
  • Display thought-leadership by creating saves searches for your visitors. 
  • Offer a great experience without maintaining an in-house solution.


Do you want to connect the name of your organisation to an existing ecosystem map, without white labeling it on your own domain? Dealroom offers co-sponsorship of a local ecosystem map. These maps will be hosted on Dealroom itself and provide highly relevant exposure to its sponsors.

  • Increase visibility of your organisation in the highly relevant context of local founders, investors, executives and tech enthusiasts.