Custom Research


Dealroom research analysts transform data into actionable insights. Delivered to you as Excel models, presentations or in any other form.

At the core Dealroom is a research-focused organisation, reflected in the educational background of the majority of the team. Because raw data is not the answer to your business questions, Dealroom analysts work with you to create industry deep-dives, company watchlists and trend analyses.


Our approach is flexible to your needs

Because every research project is unique, our approach is flexible and custom. Dealroom analysts write custom research reports independently or in collaboration with your team. Insights can be delivered as Excel models, presentations, print publications or any other form. Both as a one-time assignment or a recurring project that will be updated periodically.

Dealroom is a trusted source for intelligence on high-growth companies in Europe. We made extensive use of both their data and in-depth analytical support during the preparation of our State of European Tech report. And hope to continue to do so for years to come.

Tom Wehmeijer

Partner & Head of Research, Atomico


Recent research projects

Dealroom does its own research and research projects for clients. Below you'll find direct links to recently published research reports.

slide israel tech exits report