Case study

How Dealroom helps SAP analyze prospects and close more deals.

“Dealroom has been instrumental in the success of our Grow program, enabling us to efficiently identify and engage with high-potential startups.”

Federico Forcella Solares

Demand Operations & Sustainability Specialist

Launching a new program focused on startups and scaleups

SAP, founded in 1969, is a leading software solutions provider for companies across all industries, driving digital transformation and Cloud ERP. To tap into the growing market of startups and scaleups, SAP introduced a new program called Grow, aimed at helping these innovative companies thrive and contribute to digital transformation.

  • Challenges

    • Identifying promising startups and unicorns in a vast market
    • Designing targeted sales campaigns for the new Grow program
    • Efficiently accessing comprehensive company information for informed decision-making
  • Solutions

    • Utilize Dealroom for a comprehensive overview of company information
    • Leverage Dealroom’s user-friendly layout for efficient market browsing
    • Integrate Dealroom’s API for seamless access to information across the organization
  • Results

    • Successful launch and continued growth of SAP’s Grow program
    • Renewal of end-user licenses after the first year, indicating high satisfaction
    • Global expansion of the Dealroom API integration to benefit more employees worldwide

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Navigating the startup market

The primary challenge for SAP was to identify promising startups and scaleups to collaborate with and support through their Grow program. Dealroom provided a comprehensive overview of company information, allowing SAP’s team to analyze prospects and deals to determine the best fit.

“Finding and engaging with the right startups and unicorns was crucial for the success of our Grow program. We needed a comprehensive solution to help us navigate this vast market and identify the best partners.”


Dealroom's API enabled global expansion

Dealroom proved to be the right choice for SAP, as its features not only supported individual end-users but also facilitated global API integration. This expansion enabled more employees across the organization to benefit from Dealroom’s capabilities.

Dealroom’s user-friendly layout enabled SAP’s salespeople to efficiently navigate the market and make informed decisions. In addition, the integration of Dealroom’s API into SAP’s system allowed employees worldwide to access valuable data.

“Dealroom’s platform has been invaluable in providing a comprehensive view of company information, enabling our team to make informed decisions. Its user-friendly layout has made it easy for our salespeople to browse the market efficiently, and the API integration has allowed our global team to access crucial data seamlessly.”


Positive results and continued growth

The implementation of Dealroom played a significant role in the success of SAP’s Grow program. The high satisfaction rate among end-users was evident through the renewal of their licenses after the first year. Furthermore, the global expansion of the Dealroom API integration demonstrated its value to employees worldwide.

“Since implementing Dealroom, we have seen remarkable growth in our Grow program. The platform has not only facilitated better decision-making but also contributed to increased end-user satisfaction and a broader adoption of the API integration across the organization. Dealroom has played a vital role in our program’s success.”