How Dealroom will help you discover the most promising startups in 2022

Product and Data updates 2022

2021 has been another unusual year, to say the least. But teams and organizations everywhere showed great resilience and innovation to keep moving forward. In a record-breaking year for VC investments, startups across the world raised over $673 billion. The use of data and AI in venture capital has exploded, as great startups are being created everywhere, and the hunt for the world’s most promising startups heats up.

To finish the year with a bang, Dealroom raised a €6M Series A round led by Beringea, with support from existing investors Knight Venture Capital and Shoe Investments. The fresh capital allows us to double down on our product and data roadmap, and accelerate our global expansion. 


Features for the future: predictive power throughout the entire startup lifecycle

We know investors are collectively looking to invest earlier and earlier in a startup’s lifecycle, we want to help you track and identify promising startups from their inception phase. Therefore we added a new tab on company profiles in Dealroom to show details of the patents that the company has received. 

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Additionally, we want to help you spot (pre)-seed startups before others do by identifying promising founders. Our algorithm is based on their educational background in addition to prior roles they’ve held. 

Startup Lifecycle graph
Today, the majority of top-tier investors actively investing in EMEA use Dealroom’s API, software and research, to identify the most promising startups from the moment they are conceived.

Future unicorns, conclusive trends, and search customization

Funding and unicorn creation, especially in Europe, surged last year. More than 720 scaleups worldwide reached unicorn status in 2021. Spotting these unicorns before everyone else used to take a ton of effort and a little bit of imagination. 

Our unicorn heatmap and future unicorn heatmap now make it quick and easy for you to stay up-to-date with the fastest-growing companies in the world. Speaking of heatmaps, we made sure they were customizable and exportable for you. You can now add and remove locations, and export the data to create your own visualizations too.  


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Enabling more diversity into the tech ecosystem

According to Sifted’s prediction for 2022, “funding for female founders will stay bad” this year. Yes, tech has a diversity problem and we believe data has an important role in tackling diversity issues. In 2022, we aim to provide a comprehensive dataset on the capital flows to and performance of underrepresented founders in tech. That is why, from now on you can use our diversity filters to search by diverse background, including ethnicity, gender, age, and more. 


Around the world, around the world

In 2021, we expanded into North America — with new ecosystems both in the United States and Canada. Dealroom is now officially on all continents! This year alone we added 18 new ecosystems around the globe, which means Dealroom is now helping 50+ government organizations and other public-private agencies to measure and understand the growth of their local tech and innovation ecosystem 


Data coverage and comparaisonThanks to proprietary access to local partners, we now have up to 2.5x more data on European venture capital rounds than other well-known providers.