Circular Economy & COP27

With the second week of COP, the international eyes are focused on sustainability and climate discussions. In light of developments and discussions surrounding how economies can finance climate transition, we’ve launched a landscape of 215+ startups in the circular economy ecosystem.

Why the Circular Economy?

It is estimated that of the 100 billion tonnes of resources that the world uses every year, only 8.6% is cycled back into our economy: over 90% of what we take from the earth goes to waste. The linear model of extracting, using and wasting is one of the core issues connected to global warming, beyond being a direct cause of resource overexploitation, biodiversity loss, air pollution and plastic soup.

To ensure a sustainable transition, a transformation of our consumption patterns is needed, and the circular economy is the answer. In a circular model, existing materials and products are shared, reused, repaired, and recycled as long as possible.

In the last decade, an across- industry ecosystem of organisations challenging linear models has emerged, and today it constitutes one of the most thriving and innovative scenes within the impact tech sector.

On, we’ve mapped 215+ startups globally that are contributing to the circular economy. For more on the Circular Economy space, access the full landscape here.

circular economy

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