Get up to 50% more European startup data with the Dealroom API.

The world’s most data-driven organizations, from top-tier venture capital firms to multinationals, rely on Dealroom’s API to stay at the forefront of startup ecosystems globally. Learn why.

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Directly connect with the most extensive dataset on startups, high-growth companies, funding rounds, investors, growth analytics and predictive algorithms.

“Dealroom is a trusted source for intelligence on high-growth companies in Europe. We make extensive use of their API and in-depth analytical support during the preparation of our annual State of European Tech report. And hope to continue to do so for years to come.”

Tom Wehmeier

Partner, Atomico

What makes the Dealroom API so different?

  • An API-centric platform without limitations

    The Dealroom API is the most extensive in the market. Clients can access every function of the Dealroom Platform without limitations. This means you can feed all Dealroom data directly into your sourcing systems and analytical tooling to make it an integral part of your daily workflows.

  • Up to 50% more data on early-stage companies

    We combine machine learning and data engineering with robust verification processes and a strong API-powered network of government partnerships. The result: the most extensive coverage of early-stage and high-growth companies in Europe.

  • Predictive algorithms that enhance your data

    More than just data. The API provides predictive analytics, matching algorithms, founder scoring, social & environmental impact, diversity, financials, valuations, growth metrics and more.