About Dealroom

Dealroom helps corporates & investment firms identify high-growth companies. Our intelligence platform is a one-stop shop for data, analytics and research on technology, high-growth companies and venture capital, keeping you at the forefront of innovation.

Founded in 2013 in Amsterdam, Dealroom has become Europe’s leading venture capital database, tracking over 500,000 companies and 10,000 investors in Europe and beyond. Dealroom provides a 360° view via a unique data model, which combines big data and machine learning, with curation and contributions from over 10,000 local market experts.

Technology is ever-changing and reshaping every industry, at an accelerating pace. Board rooms and investment committees are both acutely aware of this. Big data is increasingly being used by investors, advisors and corporates to stay at the forefront of innovation. Dealroom empowers more informed decision-making by providing rich data, analytics and forward-looking insights about companies, investment opportunities and market intelligence.

Our data

Dealroom actively tracks an ever growing universe of companies and investors (currently over 500,000 companies and nearly 10,000 investors), from very early to late stage and buyout. Europe is a fragmented, multi-language market of 700 million people, requiring a dedicated and unique approach. Data is updated daily, powered by multiple different sources which can be broken down into four categories:

1) User-generated: crowdsourced from tens of thousands of contributors (founders, VCs, accelerators, governments, tech journalists).

2) Automated: data feeds from social media, curated media, analytics providers and our own web crawlers.

3) Manual curation: data is checked, curated and maintained by our internal research team.

4) Machine learning: Dealroom's machine learnt algorithms are trained on human inputs (inputs by users and by our own team of analysts). We then apply these algorithms to the larger data set of “below the radar” companies to predict their activities and growth. Machine learning is also used to identify emerging business categories and clusters.

For investors, companies, founders

For investors - Dealroom provides fast and easy access to critical data for discovery and decision support during scouting, screening and due diligence, from early to late stage and buyout opportunities. Company data includes rich descriptions (sector, business model, revenue source), funding data, growth signals, universe of similar companies, teams and more.

For companies and founders - Dealroom provides free access to a database with nearly 10,000 investment funds, corporate investors and angels. Having a free Dealroom account not only makes your company more visible to investors. Also, Dealroom provides you with market intelligence and helps you find the best potential investors for your company, for example by using our Investor Finder tool.


The base version of Dealroom is free. The premium version comes with enhanced features (such as detailed filters and exporting data) and with concierge product support. To learn more about our premium offerings and how to upgrade, please visit our pricing page.

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Dealroom was launched in 2013 by a team with backgrounds in corporate finance, management consulting, product development, big data analytics, and machine learning. The company is financially backed by serial-entrepreneurs and angel investors. If you'd like to understand more about how Dealroom can help you, please contact us here.

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