Features of Dealroom.co

Company profiles

Company profiles contain the following information:

Funding data

The company's investors, rounds, amounts, valuations. Updated daily and with links to relevant news sources


Concise business description, detailed industry classifications, business model, client focus, tags (many manually verified)

Core metrics

Number of employees, financials, valuation, and other growth KPIs if publicly available. Links to external sources and news

Growth rankings

Monthly web visits, app downloads (iOS and Android), employees, social engagement (up to 3 year historic data), and relative growth rankings

Industry funding

All funding rounds of other companies in the same industry

Similar companies

Discover companies that are similar and learn more about them

Investor profiles

Investor profiles contain the following information:

Portfolio anaylsis

See the types and amounts of investment in companies.

Round overview

Review entire portfolios and information on each round


See successfully exited companies for each investor

Co investors

See who each investor co invests with

Fund size

Evaluate the fund size and see if it is active

Investment strategy

View the funds focus industry and typical investment size

Powerful search and filter

Search using any combination of tags and filters


Search for companies based on location, cities or countries

Business model

Focus on B2C or B2B companies and certain revenue streams

Amount of funding

Adjust your research to the amount of money raised by a company


Focus on industries like Fintech, Food, content, marketing and telecom

Size metrics

Sort & filter by team size, growth stage, total funding, revenues, valuation (if available)


Sort & filter by growth rankings (based on monthly web visits, employee growth, mobile app download data, social engagement, or a combination thereof)

Market explorer

Quickly and easily evaluate whole markets with pre built views

Quarterly funding by market

See the types and amounts of investment in companies.

Top rounds

View their entire portfolio and inforamtion regarding those rounds

Market pages

Quick fact sheets by markets: top investors, market leaders, rising stars, accelerators, corporates

Rising stars (growth based)

Top funds

Top corporates

Country overviews

Search using any combination of tags and filters

Map analysis

Explore and visualise geospatial funding and company data by country/city

Funding overview

Easily identify funding trends across different markets, sectors, countries in real-time

Historical funding

Discover companies that are similar and learn more about them

Other features


Using our REST API you can pull our data into any tool to enrich your sales data or analysis tools


Export every list you see into excel so you can do your own analysis

Create and follow lists

Create custom search lists and be kept uptodate on changes to companies or investors in your list