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What is dealroom?

Dealroom provides rich data, research and analytics on technology companies. Dealroom tracks over 500,000+ companies and 10,000+ investors in Europe and beyond, using algorithms and and natural language processing. Data is augmented by our ever-growing community of 12,000+ contributors such as founders, VCs, accelerators, governments, tech journalists. Data is verified by a rigorous internal manual curation process.

What data can I find here?

On companies: key facts and performance indicators on 500,000+ tech companies, from seed to mature stage companies. On investors: global data on 10,000 tech funds, angels, and corporate investors, including their investment activity, style, portfolio, performance, and much more. From seed stage to buyout.

Where does the data come from?

We have four sources of data:

  • User generated by VCs and founders who have an account
  • Curation by Dealroom analysts
  • Artificial Intelligence to aggregate and organise big data from the web
  • Incoming data feeds from data partners

Can I invest in companies listed on dealroom?

Dealroom does not intermediate between investors and companies. However, Dealroom is the largest and most detailed database of potentially investable high-growth companies in Europe. Dealroom provides data and intelligence to support decision making and to help determine strategy. Out of the 500,000 companies on Dealroom, only a small percentage is actively raising capital or pursuing a transaction.

How can I raise capital on dealroom?

Dealroom is not a funding platform. However, Dealroom is the largest and most detailed database of active professional investors, which you can filter in great detail. You can also use the free Investor Finder tool to quickly find the most suitable investors for your next round.

What is the Growth Rank?

Growth Rank is an indicator of a company's performance relative to its peers, taking into account signals such as: traffic, number of employees, social engagement, funding momentum, and relative size. The algorithm is developed by Dealroom and is continuously being improved.

Who is behind dealroom?

A dedicated team of young fintech enthusiasts, backed by serial-entrepreneurs and angel investors.

Can edit company profiles on dealroom?

You can edit data if:

  • you are part of that company‚Äôs team
  • you are in investor the company and the company profile has not been claimed

How can I claim my company profile?

Simply sign up. It is quick and easy.