Notable Lithuanian companies

Game Insight
A global developer and publisher of free-to-play games for mobile and social platforms, including iOS, Android, Facebook, Windows, Vkontakte, and many others
gaming 201-500 employees € 22.7M funding
World's largest free app store with over 3 billion downloads to date
San Mateo content 11-50 employees € 38.2M funding
A place for girls and women to buy, sell, and swap clothes
Vilnius fashion 201-500 employees € 54.2M funding
Booking appointments to a local doctor/dentist 24/7.
Vilnius medical healthcare, wellness beauty 2-10 employees € 0.2M funding
A web based full process Sales CRM designed with you in mind to manage every step in your sales pipeline simply and efficiently
London analytics, marketing 11-50 employees € 1M funding
Videogames developer and publisher, creating games for all modern smartphones, tablets and PC
Largest online food ordering portal Lithuania
Vilnius food 11-50 employees € 3M funding