In recent years, Portugal has been emerging as an attractive startup ecosystem in the European tech scene.

Portugal is home to over 1250 funded startups which raised nearly $1B in VC funding the most recent full year of 2022.

Portugal has also been the birthplace of household name unicorns such as OutSystems, Talkdesk amongst others.

Venture Capital

Venture Capital investment in Portugal reached $972M in 2022, its second largest year for investment on record. While this is a 40% drop from the peaks of 2021, it is still 2x larger than 2020.

By stage

Early stage
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By region

The majority share of VC investment into Portugal is concentrated into two hubs, Lisbon and Porto which account for more than two-thirds of investment over the past decade

By industry

The top three industries for VC investment in Portugal in 2022 were Fintech, Jobs Recruitment, and Energy, which combined account for 60% of total VC investment.

This is driven by selected megarounds into the likes of Anchorage, Remote and Power Dot.

Equally, the venture capital investment landscape in Portugal has shown notable trends and developments across different sub-industries.

Notably, the top sub-industries in terms of total investment raised in 2022 are financial management solutions, energy storage and mobile gaming.



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International comparisons

Country benchmarking

Portugal currently ranks within the top 20 countries in terms of VC investment in Europe.

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City benchmarking

Portuguese hubs such as Lisbon and Porto rank within the top 50 largest startup ecosystems for VC investment across Europe.

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